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Some of the great things our wonderful customers are saying!

Everything you’ve done has been perfect. Thanks a million. I’m really happy. I can’t believe how well that went. Was worried, but all good!
Murielle Paviet-Fanolliet

I love this shop. Great service, spot on advice, professional, friendly atmosphere. I took my poor old 8 year old MacBook in and Shane nursed it back to life as a labour of love. This is a man who is passionate about what he does! I won’t take my computer anywhere else.
Hoki Smoak

In 25 years of MAC use, both at home and at work, I have never had such knowledgeable help as you receive from the dedicated, cheerful people you find at Mullum Mac. Truly exceptional.
Victor Marsh

Mullum mac = my saviours. Thank you so much for rescuing my life (my laptop) and all the info on it. These guys really helped me out in a very rough time. Forever grateful for these angels! Thank you!
Aly Mac

I love Mullum Mac. They provide a really professional service. This is my go to place when I have any Mac issues.
Melenie Maher

I can not recommend Daniel and Shane highly enough! My Mac battery had corrupted and split the trackpad and I was on a deadline – Mullum Mac repaired it inexpensively and much more expediently than I expected. Extremely happy with their service
Jo Brown

Huge shoutout to Shane and team at Mullum Mac Shop for the incredible service I received today. I took in my super sad 2011 MacBook Air and she has risen! 🙌🏻 Legendary service and the loveliest people. Thanks so much Shane and team.
Courtney Beck

Fixed my iMac super quick, was back in a hour!
Jacoba Rosenberg

I recently bought a MacBook Pro from Mullum Mac. Shane was incredibly helpful – transferred all data from my old laptop, setup the new laptop and I walked out with everything working smoothly. A very positive experience! 5 stars!
Scarla Weeks

Thank you so much Shane and Mullum Mac. You sorted my problem quickly and efficiently and transfered all my data onto a new phone. I was treated respectfully (even though I am very technologically challenged) and there was definitely no rolling of eyes as has always happened at Apple Stores. Highly recommended.
Louise Gordon

I’ve been into Mullum Mac twice now and they’ve helped me as soon as I walked in the door and I left within minutes with every thing I needed fixed and resolved and at an excellent price.
Donna Wild

These guys are great. Even sending stuff up to them from down south and its fixed and back within days. eaaaaasy!
Andrew Kilby

Great service fixed, problem immediately, highly recommend
Kim Renee